Assistant Principal's Corner

Thank you for visiting the Assistant Principal's Corner of our new website! During my time at 84, I have become passionate about social-emotional learning and have had the opportunity to highlight and build upon ongoing programs that help students, staff and communities gain a better understanding of diversity.  Together as a team, we have started several initiatives that promote respect and focus on the THREE BEE's (Bee Respectful, Bee Responsible, Bee Kind).  As an educator, I feel that every child deserves to be happy and that no child should feel isolated or alone.  It is my personal goal to ensure that we educate children through a social-emotional pathway and create a healthy school culture that manages emotions and teaches empathy for others. By doing all this, we strengthen the core of instruction and build a community of eager, enthusiastic and passionate learners.  We all have that #SteinwaySWAG, which is the formula to our SUCCESS! I look forward to our continued partnership in working to educate the whole child.  Feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Thank you,

Dominic Armano, Assistant Principal

Dom Armano